Sunday, July 13, 2008

Finally Updating

Things are going great with us. I'm just very bad about updating.
Hip Hip Hooray Casey got into the Weber State University Nursing School.
We are so happy to finally be getting on our way. We are also nervous for the semester to begin, antisipating the long hours and the challanging work load.
The kids are ready for summer to be over (at least mom is)Tyson is soo excited to go into Kindergarten this year, He keeps asking me "Is it Fall Yet"
Daghen thinks he is such hot stuff going into 2nd grade, and Ayden still is the cutest of the bunch but still driving Mom CRAZY!


Jenn & Rich said...

It's about time. Just kidding. But it is nice to see what is happening so please keep updating. We're so excited for Casey. I know it's been difficult waiting. But let the journey begin. Love Ya!

Field Family said...

I love your background. Goes well with those reptile loving boys of yours.