Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day at the Rodeo

Today, we attended my parents ward Rodeo. The boy's and I had a wonderful time. They had lots of games and activities for the kids and even for the adults.
The boys had cotton candy and snow cones, along with the candy and donuts.

The boy's were even able to do a little Mutton Bustin' as well. Boy did they enjoy the ride even though the ride barley lasted long enough for mom to snap a picture for the landing, and even Ayden got to ride but luckily the men running the show knew to hold on to the kid and let the sheep keep going, but he thought he was tough enough. They even did a little chicken chasing as well, but sorry to say none of my boy's were quite quick enough to snag one. All in all a good day. Even the missionaries had fun.


Amy said...

Oh those are the funniest pictures. I am sorry that I missed it.

Amy said...
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