Saturday, February 24, 2007

Smith Family Update

Everyone is doing well the boy's are growing up all to fast.
Daghen is 5, Tyson 3, and Ayden will be 1 on March 2nd.
Casey is still in school and we are just waiting to hear back on whether he gets into the Nursing Program for Weber State.
Daghen is loving Kindergarten and is slowly learning how to read. He has mastered simple sentences and enjoys getting a turn to read from the scriptures during our family scripture time.
Tyson is severely jealous of Daghen's abilities, being older then him, but he sure gives him a run for his money when it comes to climbing the rock wall at the playground. Tyson is also in preschool and enjoys learning to write his name. His new thing is telling everyone how to spell his name. T-Y-S-O-N.
Ayden is growing fast. He is gaining more and more confidence in his ability to walk and pushes himself to go farther and farther with out stopping to grab onto something. And his biggest feat is learning that he can climb onto things to get what he wants. What a handful he has become in the last month.

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Heidi Hiller said...

Awesome! Good job Heidi... I'm glad you have a little blog for your fun little family! Although it's getting bigger and bigger! I love you guys! Keep posting pictures!!