Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ayden's B-Day

Well we had a birthday but it was clear back in march, but I am finally getting around to updating my blog.
Ayden turned 1 on March 2nd. We all had tons of fun helping him celebrate.

Daghen is so ready for 1st grade he asks me everyday how many more days until I'm in 1st grade? and I constantly remind him he has to get through the 3 months of summer first.

Tyson's has figured out how to get what he wants from his Grandma. He just looks her in the eyes and says can you buy me (cookies/candy/gum/toys) and grandma tends to follow through

Here is a picture of the boys hanging out.

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Lisa & Scott West said...

wow it's about time. I thought I was the only one now Amy has joined and hopefuly your back in the game to. Only a couple more weeks and Ill be there. Get ready for kids to start running around like crazy again. Well mine never stop but you know what I mean.